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An Interview with Luca Venturi, Issimi Co-Founder and CMO, and Former Pagani Brand and Marketing Manager

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This week, I have something a bit different that I hope to replicate soon in the future. The focus is, in fact, a video. I have had the pleasure of interviewing Luca Venturi.
Luca is an experienced professional within the luxury automotive industry. He has worked for many years at Pagani Automobili as a Head of Communication, Brand, and Marketing Manager. After that, along with a couple of colleagues, he decided to start Issimi, where he now holds the role of Chief Marketing Officer.

In this long interview, we touched on many topics through Mr. Venturi’s experiences and unique anecdotes. The role of Marketing Manager in a highly reputable top-end luxury automotive manufacturer such as Pagani, the relationship with co-workers and with an icon of the industry such as Horacio Pagani, the birth of an idea and its growth into a thriving company, luxury car auction houses, and the market of pre-owned luxury and classic cars. Finally, we got to new technologies both in marketing and automotive. Virtual and Augmented reality, Electric and Hybrid powertrains, and how they can or will change this industry.

I’m sure this chat will be extremely insightful for any professional or person that wishes to learn more about this industry or work within it. Without further ado, let’s proceed with the video. Enjoy!

*Video Chapters are in the description on YouTube

I would like to personally thank Luca again for accepting to talk with me and for sharing his amazing experiences, suggestions, and points of view on the sector.

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