About me

I was born in the Italian Motor Valley in Bologna, close to many of the amazing realities that compose this market niche. Living there, of course, made it easier to fuel this passion, whether through sports, events or hobbies.

My personal interest started to come together with my professional life when I realised that, as the world globalised, so did the companies’ need for effective communication. I decided to study foreign languages and economics with a focus on Mandarin Chinese, while working as an IT employee. After graduating, I travelled to China from 2014 ‘till the end of 2015 to perfect my language skills. This experience helped me realise that I needed (and wanted) more if I was really to professionally enter the Automotive world.

So, I started a Master's degree in International Management at SOAS University of London. I graduated at the end of 2018 with Distinction bringing as a dissertation a market analysis of the Chinese Automotive sector through its evolution toward electrification. In the meantime, I also kept working as a Sales & Marketing manager covering diverse roles. I studied in marketing analytics, R programming language, statistical research methods as I am convinced that any marketing or business strategy must be based on precise measurable foundations.

Today I work in the automotive industry as a research analyst, and in my free time I keep working on this website and social media as a side project for passion.

That's pretty much it (in short), I hope you’ll find interesting the content I publish here. Keep following me here, on social media and for any question or contact please write me via private message on social media or via email at riccardo.delbello@rccdbcars.com.

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