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Why RccDB Cars?

This website is for people who are passionate about the Luxury Performance Automotive Industry. It is for those who won't stop at the surface but go beyond the simple look at the luxury cars and investigate the market forces, the creative vision, and technical ingenuity that led to its creation. The people’s talent, market dynamics, and the analysis necessary to fully understand what shapes the market. The marketing strategies adopted and how they translate into today’s fast-evolving world.

I decided to develop this space when I noticed a significant gap in the news and research available online. Following different media outlets I realised that while countless publications covered the cars themselves, their features, and performance, there was very little about everything that regarded the business side of the industry. It was hard to find a website that gathered reliable data and analysis. So, I thought I'd cover it.

I used my initials as a name for this platform to express its personal nature and the fact that everything in it is the result of my study, research, and conclusions.

The Idea that the future is unpredictable is undermined everyday by the ease with which the past is explained

Daniel Kahneman

By researching the Luxury Sports cars sector, I constantly looked at different interesting questions about the industry and the companies' future, marketing, and strategies. I always try to use a very personal yet analytical perspective, to offer some compelling, data-based, unbiased analysis and answer these questions while being wary of easy predictions and projections in such a complex market. I hope you'll find it interesting too and decide to keep following me and participate by commenting or writing to me.


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