5 Christmas Automotive Social Media Marketing Campaigns

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As this strange 2020 draws to a close, I thought it would be fun and fitting to review the best social media marketing campaigns and different approaches used by the luxury automakers over the Christmas period to either celebrate the holidays or give an outlook on their 2020.


As usual, by now, Lamborghini publishes the most successful Christmas-themed video of all. It is called The Christmas Gift, quickly approaching 6 million views in around two weeks on YouTube and over 14 million on Instagram.

The ad perfectly captures the spirit of this year’s holidays spent, in the majority of cases, away from friends and loved ones. Even so, and almost without showing the car Lamborghini manages to convey the most important values of its brand. Passion and love for the thrill of driving.

Much like the two campaigns released in previous years, this one has been received enthusiastically.

The same video, in fact, is already the second most-watched on the recently created Lamborghini official Tik Tok Channel with over 3 million views. Lamborghini being the second company in the space after Mercedes Benz to enter the platform and shortly followed by Porsche, while all the others


This is in my opinion the smartest and funnier Christmas ad published by a brand in the luxury performance niche this year.

Bentley receives a commission for its flagship Flying Spur by Santa Claus himself. The video featured in the latest article about Bentley Marketing Strategy involves not only Product and Design managers, and a Mulliner’s specialist (Bentley’s personalisation division), but also showcases some high-end bespoke features and craftsmanship capabilities

The ad got a good reception on other platforms as well. On Instagram instead, Bentley has started a series of holiday-related posts under different hashtags both through @bentleynewsroom and the official page @bentleymotors to promote winter initiatives like #BentleyFestiveTour, #12DaysofBentley, and the challenge #BentleyFestiveLights.


McLaren’s initiative has also been received with praise on every online platform even though it was not through its automotive company channel but via the official McLaren one. The company from Woking used its most powerful channel right now, the Formula 1 team.

Building on the 2020 season’s success and the extreme popularity of its drivers among the sport’s enthusiasts, the Formula 1 team published a video sending Scuderia Ferrari the Christmas wishes along with a gift. Formula 1 driver Carlos Sainz, who will be joining the Scuderia next year after two successful years in McLaren.

This has been one of the most captivating social media initiatives not only in the automotive space but also in Formula 1 as a great example of the values that move and shape the sport. So despite not being dedicated to fans or enthusiasts but specifically to a Formula 1 team, I thought it definitely deserved to be mentioned here.

Another interesting campaign is the 25 Days of McLaren published on Instagram and Twitter under the hashtag #25DaysofMcLaren. A series of short videos published once per day and leading to the 25th of December inspired by the Christmas Carol 12 Days of Christmas. Each one is a throwback to an important moment of the company’s year, remembering achievements and important successes in this difficult year.


Porsche has published the first episode of what will likely be a series celebrating gender diversity (and maybe more) not just among automotive professionals but also its customer base through different professional paths. Drive Defines Her.

This first video features Nayla Al Khaja. She is the first female director and producer in the UAE, who also manages a production company a film Club in Dubai. Al Khaja is also active on social media and events as an influencer.

This is a sensitive topic that will resonate differently from more conventional automotive ads with its audience. However, it is an important statement on this topic.

Finally, much like McLaren and Bentley Porsche too had its own 12 Days of Porsche published on Twitter. A video each day featuring real music and Porsche-related lyrics.


On December 23rd Ferrari released a video revisiting the main events of its 2020. It is an interesting piece of content to appreciate the variety of activities within the Ferrari Business and Marketing Strategy as well as the help offered to the community during the pandemic. E-sports, GT competitions, new models, merchandising, museums, the respirator valves, Formula 1, and more.


This is not listed among the others because along with a few ‘more traditional’ posts on social media, the piece of content in question has not been published on the major platforms and is dedicated to a specific demographic. The people working in the media.

After this difficult year, Mercedes with this short and “light-hearted” video published on its website celebrates the effort of the professionals involved in the industry who kept working to bring news and information about their products during these times.

Definitely an interesting point of view that no one else expressed.

Which ad or campaign was the best this year? Share your thoughts and comments below or on social media!
In the meantime, I hope this was a light and fun read.
Best Wishes of a Happy New Year!

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